Del Mar Nightlife and Bar Scene A Look at What’s Hot and What’s Not

Del Mar Nightlife and Bar Scene –
Where to Go and What’s Hot

When it comes to nightlife in Del Mar there is always
a wide list for great places to eat and even great
happy hour restaurants but the nightlife scene is
not quite as stable. As new places come and go the
nightlife scene changes a bit as well.

As people know the nightlife crowd works like a school
of fish and they tend to move to one hot spot and then
disappear as soon as a new one opens.

Burlap is the hot spot right now in the Del Mar Heights
Plaza and the restaurant not only has great food but also
fantastic ambiance. Del Mar is a bit thin on choices when
it comes to upbeat nightlife so this place has been a great
addition to the Del Mar nightlife scenes.


As much as I like Burlap I have already scratched this place
from my places to visit because it has become a hassle to
do a simple thing like walk in and have a drink on a Friday
night. Last night after a business meeting I went over to Burlap
and at 8:30PM / 9:00PM  we were told we could not go in for a
drink without reservations. Reservations to have a drink at the bar?
Isn’t this the place with a huge back bar and a nice open air setting
and we can’t get in without a dinner reservation at 8:30PM – Super dumb
move and one that has scratched Burlap from my list of places to go.
I hate feeling like an idiot and bragging about a place to go and then
not being able to get a drink or hang at the back bar without a
reservation is irritating and not the feeling I want when going out.

I understand money is made selling food but when people are
denied the ability to walk in with business clients to
order a glass of wine or “sit in a line out front for a half hour”, then
I am done with Burlap. You may want to call Burlap and see what
their current policy is for letting people walk in off the street
for the bar or eating but I am done “being in the scene” and playing
games to hang at this place.

After taking off from Burlap we drove down to Del Mar Heights
and noticed the Tommy V’s had shut down. The rent on that place
must be a real sticking point on making that place work because
no one has been able to make a go of it for any length of time
since Scallini’s closed.


On a more positive and upbeat note we decided to head to a
“sure thing” for a drink and some fun and that was The Red Tracton.
The food here is worth at least a blog on its own but the piano
bar was cranking and people were dancing and having a blast which
was great for 9:30PM since many nightlife spots don’t even start
getting going until 10:00ish.

The piano bar plays a lot of 70’s music and dance music including
a few slow songs along the way for a nice dance with that someone

The Red Tracton continues to be a fun place for locals to relax,
easily get comfortable seating and an easy place to mingle and
meet people. For anyone looking for some fun and upbeat places
to visit in Del Mar for November and check out Club M for dancing
and The Red Tracton for early nightlife atmosphere!

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